give it to me hard.


9:53pm 04-17-2019

favorite band(s)?

KMFDM (a long time ago)
does this still work I wonder?
3:52am 02-04-2019
im here im queer and im filled with fear
8:39pm 09-03-2018

favorite band(s)?

kmfdm, cancerslug, godhead, pig, ohgr, static-x, orgy

your website link
really love the layout + design of ur website, can't wait 2 see more of it :~)
9:56am 08-26-2018
yaay i was first
9:55am 08-26-2018

favorite band(s)?

mcr , memphis may fire , smashin pumpkins , grateful dead , asking alexandria , nirvana , july talk , papa roach , metallica , pantera . lil peep my all time even tho he a emo rapper

your website link
dissolvedgirl is a web syte in which you will feel right at home . with a spoopy layout , along with chilling diary entries , nd creepy / cute gifs . you wont want to leave when you dig far enough , not like you'll be able to leave either .
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