give it to me hard.


3:12am 07-26-2020

favorite band(s)?

Alice In Chains, NIN, Massive Attack

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Hey, Sol. I just now found your guestbook tonight...You and I were a lot alike on so many levels- in an alternate universe, our lives could've easily been switched.

If you are aware of anything going on down here, you're aware of all the people who echo the same sentiment: Most of us never knew you, yet we love you as if you were a close friend of ours.

To have touched so many people so greatly- even through death, astounds me to think of how special you must have been in life.

I hope you've finally gotten home and you're safe now.
I wish you the very best, Dark Star.♥
3:59am 06-27-2020

favorite band(s)?

kmfdm, kino
rest in peace, sol. i wish i was as brave as you were.
1:19pm 05-25-2020
Lil ghoul

favorite band(s)?

Deftones, NIN
You're story has been heard by more people than you could imagine. You inspire me in the sense I can actually relate to you and I now know im not alone in the world
10:27am 05-21-2020

favorite band(s)?

i wish i was as brave as you. i wonder if you know that your autopsy was done by the same person who did eric’s autopsy? i think that’s really nice
6:50pm 04-28-2020

favorite band(s)?

Nine Inch Nails
RIP Sol Pais. 1 year gone and still so missed. I hope your soul has found its home at last, somewhere you feel you belong.
8:53pm 04-21-2020
Over one year has passed, Sol. I hope you have found your peace in another dimension.
5:07am 03-04-2020

favorite band(s)?

RIP Sol Pais <3 Never forget you. You say in your journal that nobody can understand and I respect that, because I feel the same way and it's almost insulting when people say they do, but just know you have my respect and so many people have listened and resonated with you. I hope you are somewhere safer and somewhere more at home.
9:29am 01-01-2020

favorite band(s)?

Happy New Year, Happy 2020, Sol...❤️
5:35pm 12-30-2019
Sweetie Gonzales

favorite band(s)?

Alice In Chains
Wanna go for a ride? ★
11:29pm 12-24-2019

favorite band(s)?

nirvana, nofx
happy holidays, sol. it's almost a new year, hopefully 2020 goes well for you.

best wishes from the deep bumfuck of dixieland, -h2o- <3
4:54pm 11-23-2019
sometimes, really, i wonder why i miss you.

i never met you. i've never seen you outside of pictures.

but i miss you. i relate to you. i hope that i understand the true meaning of what you put out.

you are so interesting, sol pais.

you have caught my attention, my heart, and my mind. hopefully the energy you have given me is useful to you. maybe you're looking over me, and keeping me safe.

where ever you are and whatever you're doing right now, i hope that you're safe, and that you don't have to live with any regret.

you are such a remarkable human being. no matter what people say. i hope you never forget that.


1:06am 10-15-2019

favorite band(s)?

Mindless Self Indulgence
It's been 6 months since you left us. I miss you every day, I hope you are happy wherever you are and its what you imagined. I know I sometimes think I'm from the wrong time as well, but I don't think I could take the steps you did. I wish someone would have reached out, that you would have stayed. You could have done so much with your life. I hope that you returned to your right timeline, or at least somewhere better than this earth. Rest easy princess <3
11:23pm 09-14-2019

favorite band(s)?

Orgy, Foster The People, Marylin Manson, Snuff
Fuck, Sol, today it's 5 months since your death...
I fucking miss you, fuck, days ago I discovered an Instagram profile of yours by your phone number, it has almost 1'500 pics, but you made it private and removed everyone...
I miss you so much, even if I didn't know you, I feel linked to you in a strange way, like if there was a bond between us, since that fucking day, the 15th of April...I became obsessed of you, like you were with Eric, you're the cutest girl I've ever seen in my entire life, you seemed so pure, sometimes I wanna die, so maybe there is a chance I can meet you, since you're no longer here and no one can replace you in this thing called "world".
Rest In Peace my Sun, I wish I could have met you sooner... <3
-A boy your age-
1:19pm 08-25-2019
8:20am 08-15-2019

favorite band(s)?

Mindless Self Indulgence
It's been four months since you've left us. The world misses you every day, wishing you were here. I hope you're happy wherever you are. <3
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